Keith Cameron Smith‘s book Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class is exactly as it sounds… a listing on what separates the average millionaire from the middle class.

This short book offers what seems like a very simple list of things that make the wealthy different. It is not really about these items because knowing them doesn’t really change your life. It is really about a mindset.

When he mentions items like “Ask empowering questions,” it sounds kind of out there and frankly not very helpful unless it comes with an actual change in your thinking. Think of the difference between “What is life trying to teach me right now?” versus “Why do bad things always happen to me?” Either question is appropriate when faced with some challenge, but only the empowering question helps you. The other just has you wallowing in self-pity.

That is just one example of his 10 Distinctions. They are all useful and even if you know them already, I can attest to the fact that being reminded of them is not only inspirational but can motivate you to change your tack when they are brought to the forefront.

Even if you already have millions, you are human and thus can use this quick, gentle reminder.

by Chris Doelle

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