By now, unless you have been living under a rock (with no internet access,) then you have heard about Bitcoin (BTC,) Ethereum (ETH) or some other cryptocurrency. It is also likely that you have heard that large amounts of money have been made in the expanding market.

I am not going to walk you through what it is and why I think it is a good place to invest and/or preserve wealth. The fact of the matter is that I DO. I think it is a good place to put any extra cash. Whether you do it from the standpoint of just tossing in what you can afford to lose or make it the backbone of your investment strategy, I believe it is a good move.

This post is about how to get involved. Here is the best exchange I have found to register with and invest.

Coinbase – this has long been my favorite. It is very simple to understand and simple to conduct transactions. There are ton of exchanges out there offering a host of alt-coins. That type of speculation is not of interest to me – although I have seen a lot of people win (and lose) big in that arena. For me, this is a great balance of reliable cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin,) easy of use and trusted site.

As of this writing, BTC has been as high as $19,000 and although yes, it is the top of the market, I think it is heading much higher.

Again, try it out with $100 – something that won’t break the bank. I know that is how I started. Like me, you will likely wish it had been a more aggressive play after it grows, but hey… a friend invested when I first started talking about it and he just cashed out enough for a down payment on a new house. We are talking real money here.

by Chris Doelle