I wrote a review of MoviePass after one month of having the card but wanted to follow up. One month’s activity could easily be the newness of the thing causing me to go to more movies. Two months would give a better take on how much I would actually use it and the worth.

In two months, I have seen 19 movies – most of which have been when traveling with time to kill between meetings. The cost is $9.95 a month. That means that I am spending $1.04 per movie.

You could argue that prior to getting the card, I didn’t watch many films in theater. So, doing so now is all extra expense regardless of how cheap per film. And what about concessions? In that time, I have only spent $15.47 on concessions. Including that brings my price per movie to $1.86… still a heck of a discount.

I also used the opportunity to really take a look at my expenses and discovered that my Amazon Prime is the least used service I have. With all this movie watching, I don’t really have time to sit around watching TV too haha. When I cut that out, I totally negate the cost of MoviePass.

Sure, I am discovering that access to more films doesn’t mean I want to see everything. The first week or so, I was seeing anything I could find, but now I am back to being more discerning about wasting an hour and a half in a theater. I expect to settle in to a much lower frequency shortly after the new year because business picks up and frankly, it is a weak time for movie releases.  We will see.

I really wish they had an affiliate program because I seem to be doing an awful lot of promotion for them. haha

by Chris Doelle