I saw a clickbait link on someone’s Facebook page that showed a word cloud of the most used words during the year in Facebook. Of course, I clicked it and I have to say I am pleased with the results:

I am pleased that my word cloud doesn’t really have anything negative. That is cool. I then took it upon myself to check my wordcloud from Instagram as well:

It is clear that I used the two platforms quite different. Facebook is home to words – Instagram is home to images (and thus more #hashtags)

Why didn’t I just click the link and share it out on my social media profiles? Well, call me a conspiracy theorist but doing so opens up all your data to the company creating this silly little thing. Sometimes I just do it and other times I decided I would rather drive traffic to my website than give them traffic and build their portfolio of data on me.

But if you want to find your most used words – I have provided a link: CLICK HERE