Stay Classy Hollywood

Carrol Burnett and Jennifer Aniston do it with class.

The recent Golden Globes treated viewers to star after star wearing necklines plunging down to below the navel, complete with makeup shadowing to further enhance… who told them this looked good? Let me say that I am not going to feed into this by posting a bunch of pictures. Instead I am going to talk about the seeming hypocrisy and the lack of modesty that appears to conflict with the whole movement to stop treating women as sexual objects and to view them as equals.

And no, I am not saying that they are “asking for it” so don’t jump on that bandwagon. I am just saying that those women wearing those plunging necklines are treating themselves as sexual objects. And no, I am not saying that women should wear a burqa or even be covered from ankle to wrist – that is another red herring people throw out. I’m not even saying it needs to be as concealing as Carol Burnett in the picture on the right. Jennifer Aniston rocks her simple, yet elegant choice.

I’m simply saying that in my opinion (and we know what they are worth) the beauty of a person (male or female) is in their character, their class, and their actions… not in seeing just how close you can go to exposing yourself without crossing some imaginary line.

This trend of entertainers with daring, low-cut necklines comes across to me as a plea to be noticed, liked and talked about. It seems a move take out of insecurity more than anything.

You don’t need to do that. And shame on whoever put it in your head that you are in any way less than. The first step in being treated with dignity, respect and equality is to start treating yourself that way.

It must be noted that there were plenty of women at the Globes that didn’t choose the neckline – entertainers like Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey, Frances McDormand, Amy Poehler, Simone Garcia Johnson, Elizabeth Moss, Emma Stone and many more did their movement and themselves proud with their outfits.

by Chris Doelle