photo: Taeler Deer

First, let me say this is not a girl-power, Time’s Up agenda-driven post. It is simply a post about sports… good sports. It is about the fact that it has been more than 45 years since the passage of Title IX, and women’s/girl’s sports still isn’t getting the respect it deserves.

In my youth, I was like a lot of folks that preferred men’s sports because I viewed it as a better game. That changed when I was in college. While attending Stephen F. Austin, our women’s basketball team was sooo much better (ranked Top 10 nationally) than the men’s game. My group of college friends however, attended every single home game for both teams. Between that, playing pickup games with the women (and a date or two,) I came to see that their version of the game is just better.

I see that now again watching the Texas State Bobcats men’s and women’s basketball. While both teams are a blast to watch, the women play much more of a team game. The passing is better. The teamwork is better. There is less showboating, less forcing the issue when a shot isn’t there. Yet, when watching these teams, the attendance at the men’s games is always double or sometimes triple that of the women. That is ridiculous.

Texas State Volleyball

If you are ignoring women’s sports, you are missing out on something great. Whether it be softball, basketball, volleyball or whatever… these girls got game!

by Chris Doelle

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