We are all looking for answers. We are looking for the right diet. We are looking for the right words to use in a job interview. We are looking for tips to motivate ourselves. We are searching for the best _______ to use. We are wanting to know the correct investment strategy.

BILLIONS of dollars are made selling us books, magazines, seminars, online courses, personal coaching and myriad other solutions. They purport to have an “easy guide” , “ten simple steps” or “the correct way to…” When you see these claims… hide your wallet and run.

Change, growth, learning – whatever it is you are looking for… they are simple but not easy. That is one of my favorite phrases – “simple not easy.” It describes pretty much everything in life.

The simple portion is that it really doesn’t matter what you want to improve, we know how to do it. We are a smart society. To lose weight… eat less, move more and continue breathing. To learn a new skill… break it down into the key components, practice those components. To have more money… earn more, spend less.  See… everything is simple. Easy is another thing however.

It is not easy to stop at one girl scout cookie. It is not easy to practice a skill everyday instead of watching Netflix. It is not easy to skip buying that Coke. (see the double-whammy in that one?)

If you’re still looking for an answer… how about this? Do a lot of little things every day. Those things should include everything you are attempting to improve. Wake up early. Eat right. Exercise. Read more. Serve others.

The biggest little thing? EVERY DAY!! Yes, we have all heard of the 10,000 hour rule. That simply states that to become an expert at something you must put in 10,000 hours at it. But to become good at something, it takes much less… usually about 20 hours. If you spend a half hour every day, you will accomplish a task in less than two weeks.

Stop looking for the sure-fire way to do something. In fact, stop looking period… start doing… and start doing every day.

by Chris Doelle