First, let me say that the Atonement in question here is Jesus Christ‘s suffering in Gethsemane, crucifixion, death and resurrection for the sins of humanity.

I took on the book The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister knowing that it was a weighty subject. Most of us know about the Atonement. Most of us think we understand it. The idea that you could even write 356 pages about the subject seems hard to comprehend.

Tad R. Callister not only found plenty to say about the Atonement, but he dove deep in his coverage. Did my fundamental understanding of the Atonement change? No, not really. Did I learn some things that cause me to understand it at a deeper level? Yes. Were all 356 pages needed? Probably not – because it does have some repetition. Am I glad I read it? Definitely.

This book is not for you if you are into light reading. In fact, there are sections where you will likely do what I did and have to go back and reread if you find your mind glazing over a bit. Read it when you are in a place and time where you can concentrate and really ponder the content. If you do that, you will get something useful out of The Infinite Atonement.  Give yourself time on the pondering though… it is a subject worth spending some of your time.

by Chris Doelle

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