Yes, I am slamming the Academy and saying that yes, I believe the Oscars are rigged… or at the very least, they are slanted to appeal to a political agenda.

Okay, tin foil hat aside, let me give you my interpretation of some of the upcoming awards based on my opinion.

Best Picture


Call Me By Your Name – Haven’t seen it. Not interesting to me.

Darkest Hour – Excellent film. Great performance by Gary Oldman. It will be overlooked because it doesn’t fit the agenda, but it will be one of the most remembered from this list.

Dunkirk – Christopher Nolan took what could have been a great film and made it confusing and lame.

Get Out – Very original. a seriously good creeper show. It has a good combination of message and story so it could slip past some of the more politically correct offerings.

Lady Bird – Haven’t seen it. Just got lost in my film-going shuffle. Looks interesting.

Phantom Thread – Haven’t seen it. Looks like it will leave me feeling icky.

The Post – It was a good movie. They stretched the truth to fit the Hollywood agenda but it was a good film.

The Shape of Water – Haven’t seen it. Looks good but I am not a fan of Guillermo de Toro’s art style.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri A tour de force. Clearly the best ensemble cast. My highest rated film of the bunch. While I liked this film the best, I don’t think it has a strong enough message for the Academy. It doesn’t get on a soapbox at any time and just tells a story.

I won’t break down all the other awards but let me say a few things.

Best Actor

I saw three of the five nominated films for Best Actor and have to say that they all did great. I thought Gary Oldman was the best but it could be because the makeup made him that much more believable. Denzel Washington shows you just how far an actor can take an understated role and kicks butt. Daniel Kaluuya shouldnt be overlooked because I think his role was the toughest of the lot and he knocked it out of the park.

Best Actress

I only saw two of the nominated performances but both are win-worthy. Love or hate Meryl Streep, the lady can act. Francis McDormand too did a great job in a cast that was full of great performances. Of these two, Streep would likely win just because the Academy would love to hear her preach from the acceptance podium.

Actor in a Supporting Role

This is the award that interests me the most. Actually, it is the only one that interests me. I have seen three of the nominees’ films and they are proof that there is no such thing as a small role. Christopher Plummer did a great job filling in for the yanked-Kevin Spacey. He was so completely convincing, I can’t imagine Spacey doing half as well. Woody Harrelson gets better every role I see him in and this time he turns in a performance that is Oscar-worthy in any other year. His co-star Sam Rockwell however set the bar for supporting actors this time around. He is my clear winner.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Haven’t seen any of the performances nominated so I have no opinion.

Remember, these are my opinions and the Academy will be awarding based on a completely different set of criteria. If you want to see good films, see my recommendations. If you want to see the agenda-driven results, watch the Oscars.

Yes, I will probably watch just because like rubber-necking on the freeway, I can’t help but slow down and watch when a crash like an awards show appears in front of me.

by Chris Doelle

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