Okay, first let me say this is just my experience and my opinion. (I can’t get sued for having an opinion – at least not yet… who knows in the future.)

I saw the ad for ReferralCars on Facebook and was intrigued. Yes, it was a sponsored post so it was clearly an advertisement, but I figured I would see what their offer was. (Geez, the lengths I go through to get information for you – haha)

I clicked a few qualifying questions (that I suspect bring you to the same spot regardless of your answers.) I was told that they would work to match me with a company that would pay me to advertise on my car. I was told that they would be working hard to find a good match for me and should get back to me with 24-48 hours.

In less than an hour (even though it was midnight when I filled it out) they found a match! Gosh, they worked hard. Surely, they didn’t just offer everyone the same match after their autoresponder system spit it out an hour later? 🙂

The campaign match my rep found was from a company called ZoomBenefits. They even had a quick video that pitched the idea to you. ZB is a company that offers you great discounts on things you already use (cell phone etc.) You put the decal on your car and get 60% of their membership fee as long as they are signed up. (Sound a bit MLM-like? yeah sorta)

I then did some research on several ripoff/scam sites and found a roughly 10 to 1 ratio of people saying the program was worthless and/or cost them money to folks saying it worked at all.

That doesn’t even address the issue that at least in Texas, signage on vehicles is taxable. Yes, businesses with signage must pay annual property tax on those vehicles as they are being used for commercial purposes.

You won’t be seeing any decals on my rear window anytime soon.

by Chris Doelle