When I first saw the preview for Peter Rabbit, I thought, “That looks cute. I may watch it down the line someday.” Well, someday was yesterday. I was visiting my mom and we decided to go see a movie. After watching previews of what was showing, she decided she’d like to see Peter Rabbit. I thought, “Cool, now I can watch it without being the only adult male watching it by himself.”

It turns out that Peter Rabbit is very well done. The CGI is as flawless as I have seen. The wildlife in the film looked more realistic than anything I have previously seen. The writing was smart. The story was cute and upbeat. I think the big win for the movie though had to be the soundtrack. I said it in the title – Peter rocked!

If you are a looking for a fun movie to take the kids (or for a date night) you will do well to watch this one.

by Chris Doelle

RATING 8 out of 10

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