We are inching closer to the launch of the Friday Night Legends (FNL) Kickstarter campaign. It has been approved by Kickstarter and is set to launch May 1st. Those of you who have been living under a rock, FNL is a board game that we are launching at Lone Star Gridiron.

It started as a pile of paper a year ago!

It features the unique ability for players to coach some of the all-time greatest Texas high school football teams. We are hard at working making dozens of those marquee teams as well as current squads. Because Lone Star Gridiron has over 100 years of Texas high school football data at our fingertips, we have spent the better part of a year working out the formulas to faithfully represent each of these great teams.

When you coach a team in FNL you can be assured they will play based on their real stats from that year. The dream matchups have been flying hot and heavy since we started hinting about the game.

To get notified when the Kickstarter launches, head over the www.fridaynightlegends.com and sign up. You will not only get notified when things are underway, but you will be given special treatment as part of the street team to help us spread the news. Even if you don’t have an interest in board games or football, please sign up so you can help us get this in front of folks that will love it.

We also have a new FNL Facebook page setup.

Thanks in advance for helping!

by Chris Doelle