I use Spectrum/Time Warner for Internet. I used to use them for television but now only use Netflix and Amazon Prime with no actual LIVE TV. As people are cutting the cable more and more, behemoths like Spectrum are scrambling to stay in the game.

I recently started getting offers to add 10 channels of my choice (from a select list) for $21.99/month.  While this is a much better deal than before, it is still kinda pricey for channels that have no interest for me. They have built their business model on a supersized list of channels that doesn’t appeal to everyone. In the past it worked because they were one of the few options available and all the players were following the same rules.

When offerings like Netflix, HULU and Prime changed the rules for consumers, it was quite disruptive. These companies built billion dollar empires on the back of broadband internet. They realized they didn’t need cable boxes, trucks with technicians for installations. They just needed to ride the wave of broadband installation.

What does that mean for cable companies? They are in a tough situation. They have to keep much of their infrastructure because the last mile is still needed in many areas. What about when the wireless umbrella covers the country?

I am guessing they will continue to expand into that wireless footprint by doing what they do best – be the internet last mile provider. If they want to compete in the content game however, they are going to have to match the moves of their more nimble competition.

What do you do with all these channels that nobody is watching? They cut new deals with them and likely we will see the 500+ channels dwindle to half of that as we continue our move to the à la carte society.

What does your entertainment services lineup look like?

by Chris Doelle