I blew off Bosch when I first saw it several years ago and frankly, every time I’ve noticed it since then… until recently. Bored with the offerings on Netflix (which seems to be getting suckier as it goes along) and even Prime, I’ve just been looking for something different. I figured, “what the heck?” and gave it a shot.

What I discovered was a very well done crime drama without all the usual over used police show tripe. I love that this series is a slow burn. It doesn’t rush you into things but doesn’t drag either. Titus Welliver (a relatively unknown name but certainly seen all over TV) does a great job as the lead character Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch – named after the 15th century Dutch artist. Based on a series of book by Michael Connelly, and adapted for TV by Eric Overmyer, Bosch is very well written.

Season one is literally one case. It reminded me of the 1995 series Murder One – which Welliver and Jason Geddrick (the bad guy in season one) were both involved with. I really dug that series and Bosch has that same feel.

Another tidbit that absolutely delighted me was the coroner’s office was WELL LIT!! None of that ridiculous dimly lit neon highlighted CSI garbage. This is a room you can actually use for forensics!

If you’re like me and skipped watching Bosch, do yourself a favor and check it out. Another bonus? There are four seasons out with another set to drop soon so you have plenty to watch.

by Chris Doelle

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