Back in 2014, I wrote an article about the Overdrive Media app and the ability to download audiobooks (and ebooks etc.) from your local library. I am still blown away by how many people fail to take advantage of our amazing library system.

I was notified the other day when listening to an audiobook that there is a new app available (Libby) that “makes it easier to listen to your favorite audibooks.” I resisted just because I was used to Overdrive and figured it was just another step – how much better could it really be?

So, today, curiosity finally got the better of me and I downloaded it. Yes, there was a bit of hassle. I had to remember my library card number and PIN. Okay, definitely a first-world problem.

I downloaded two books and went for a bike ride… how did the new app work? Well, fine. Frankly, it was not any better or worse than the Overdrive app. While the look is nicer, the act of starting an audiobook for the first time actually takes a couple more taps than previously.

Where Libby shines is in continuing where you left off. For that reason alone, it is better. I can also see where the Libby “personification” makes the app appear more user-friendly. That may encourage more demographics to start using the app.

Regardless of which app you use, I want to once again implore you to take advantage of the great benefit that is your local library!

by Chris Doelle

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PS I guess the app is too new to show up in the auto search listing.  Just search for “Libby” on your phone to get it.