To be clear, I am not talking about the creation of the earth or mankind – that’s cool too, but I am talking about creation that each of us do (or can do.)

I think at our core we are all creators. That is our purpose. Whether it is the act of procreation itself or something quite different, we are at our best when we create.

I noticed early on that creating made me feel good. From my earliest days I was doing pencil sketches or writing stories, the act of creation made me feel something wonderful. Big deal, a kid draws a picture or tells a crazy tale. It IS a big deal. In that act, something comes into this world that previously did not exist. That is huge. That is powerful. That is inspiring.

Sure, it may not change mankind… but then again, it could.

Apple Computer started in a garage and recently became the first company in history to be valued at ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Johann Gutenberg created the printing press – a creation that is arguably responsible for the advancement of more knowledge than anything in history. The countless books that were created as a result have changed the world for better and worse.

So how does painting a sunflower or writing a joke book stack up to those? I would argue that it is the same. Each act puts something new into the world. Each act disconnects you from the pabulum of content fed to you electronically as an attempt to steal your attention.

CEOs in a recent survey identified creativity as the #1 trait to identify leadership competency.  You develop creativity by disconnecting from your cell phone and electronic devices and allowing yourself to think. Yes, you can use electronics as a mean to an end (ie., the computer I am using to write this article) but don’t use them as entertainment.

Unplug, grab a pad of paper and doodle, write about your day. Do that every day and it will change your life – and quite possibly the lives of those around you as well.

by Chris Doelle