Part I

I’ve been on blood pressure medicine now for years and it is time end that. The reason for what seems like a sudden change, isn’t sudden at all, but I was finally prompted to make the change due to something recent.

I had been taking Valsartan and it had no real side effects (at least ones I couldn’t deal with.) It was recently pulled off the market because they found it is linked to cancer – eek. They instead put me on Losartan. This med sucks.

I have been suffering flu-like symptoms since starting the new med (see note below) and although I have been trying to do better in terms of my health, I think it is time to get serious.  And don’t worry, I am not just attacking this willy nilly. I have put some thought and much research into the decision.

Step 1 after doing my research was to contact my doctor to get his advice on a safe way to eliminate BP medicine.  Here is what I sent him:

Dr. ######,

I was switched to Losartan because the Valsartan was recalled. The side effects of the Losartan are really bad. I have constant flu-like symptoms (phlegm in throat, runny nose, sore throat etc.)

I want to transition off BP medicine entirely and have started by losing weight, eating healthier, exercising and shifting to an 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule. I know that folks say they are going to do things to fix their BP issues and do not follow through. I will.

I need to know a safe schedule for transitioning off the BP medicines. I am not stupid enough to just stop taking my pills. I need help with the plan.

Chris Doelle
(713) 269-4620

I will wait to hear his recommendation and post it here when he responds. (The online messaging system says it will be answered in two business days.)

As I mentioned in the message to my doctor, the plan will include eating well, exercising and intermittent fasting (IF.) I started the IF just 5 days ago. When I started, I weighed 234.8 lbs – this morning I weighed in at 227.5. I haven’t hit the timing exactly each day, just tried to stay close.

by Chris Doelle

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