I probably would not have ever picked up this book had I not just read Valley of Genius. Small Fry: A Memoir by Lisa Brennan-Jobs is an autobiographical book by the daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

We all knew that Steve Jobs was a tyrannical boss, a consummate showman and even have heard tidbits about his relationship with Lisa. I mean everyone knows that Jobs wouldn’t admit to the paternity early on, but Lisa delves deep into their unreported relationship.

This is not a book about the computer revolution. It is about relationships. It is more about the damage done by the selfish, manipulative and often quite cruel Steve Jobs. I have no doubt that he would have been easily categorized as a psychopath and having seen the damage caused to the loved ones of these evil people, this books was very moving.

The beaten-dog attitude that the women in Jobs’ life exhibited is sad. It is even worse when the psycho is wealthy and/or powerful because he can get away with so much more. This book makes me want to give Lisa a hug. It is my hope that eventually she will see that he was an evil man and while it is okay (and desired) that she forgive him, it is not okay to make excuses for him. What he did, he did of his own free will and for purely selfish reasons. He doesn’t deserve her love.

Yeah, this book is powerful. Forgive me for going off-topic and ranting about the jerk-wad sperm-donor that wouldn’t even call himself her father. The book itself though, is really good.

by Chris Doelle

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