Dawn and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody recently and I have to say I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised that I would love the music. I certainly wasn’t surprised that it would be a film that supported alternative lifestyles. I wasn’t even surprised that Rami Malik did a good job. 

What surprised me was just how good a film this turned out to be. It was 2 parts documentary (my favorite genre of movie) and 1 part Queen concert – with some storytelling mixed in. I mention that Malik did a good job. In fact, that may be the most surprising takeway… he actually did a great job. He embodied Freddie Mercury. If Freddie were too himself portrayed by Rami Malik, I know he would approve. 

I liked him in Mr. Robot but lost interest in the series midway through the first season. Mr Malik has jumped up as a talent after this.

The Queen music that absolutely blasts throughout the film I think it was gave the film power. There were moments when I was tingling with adrenaline as well as moments when I was feeling misty-eyed. As much as I dislike Bryan Singer (mainly because of his alleged connections with a host of creepy and immoral things in Hollywood) I think he did a good job in bringing the audience along for an emotional adventure.

My takeway is that this is a tale of consequences. While the film does a great job of honoring a unique and highly-motivated talent, it also shows the sharp other edge of poor decisions.

by Chris Doelle

RATING 9 out of 10

PS. While I haven’t really been a crazed, die-hard Queen fan, I have always liked a lot of their hits. My favorite Queen album doesn’t contain a lot of their big hits (although it has a few.) It is their only album I ever owned and listened to all the way through. I really dig this album.

Jazz by Queen