It all started in 1929 when Tudor Games released the first ever electric football game. Unless you grew up under a rock, you’ve seen the metal football fields with a switch that when flipped starts the whole things vibrating loudly causing the plastic football players to move. I remember countless hours playing against friends back in my middle school days.

Fast forward to today – the boards aren’t nearly as loud, the plastic players are custom designed, and the coaches are serious! So serious that there are leagues around the nation (and probably the world) and they regularly hold tournaments.

These electric football enthusiasts have custom designed fields, players, tshirts and yes, even live video coverage of games. Complete with instant replay!

That live coverage is done by many folks using cell phones and Facebook live, but none of those compare to the ESPN of electric football – Gridiron Buzz. These guys are serious… and seriously good at covering the games.

The father/son team of Roger and Dustyn Fisher bring you multi-camera views, green screens, graphical overlays, commercials, play-by-play and color commentar… everything you could want in watching an electric football game.

They have a Facebook page and YouTube channel – heck, they even have a travel that use to carry all their camera equipment around the country complete with photos of the top coaches ala the Monday Night Football “horse trailer.”

I have to tell you that it is much more entertaining than anything the NFL puts on the field.

by Chris Doelle