Alita: Battle Angel is a movie that will intrigue anyone from the trailer. From the high intensity action to the anime-inspired CGI eyes of Alita (Rose Salazar) it is a visual masterpiece. As a collection of jaw-dropping visuals, it won’t let you turn away. The problem comes with just about everything else.

Yes, it is a visually stunning work of genius. Yes, it has such great promise. Yes, I’m told it sticks very close to the original anime story cannon. As a collection of sci-fi goodness, Alita is a clear winner. As a film, however, it is wanting.

The story line takes huge leaps in logic. There are a dozen overused subplots that were either never explained, explored or were ineffectually told. The acting is more melodrama than anything – I can’t think of the last time I saw so many over-actors in one film. Even the “girl power” seemingly at the core of the film, misses the mark here when she constantly lets everyone else tell her what to do. Choose a story and tell it well… Alita tried to tell a dozen stories and missed them all.

I am not disappointed I saw the film – the visuals alone were worth going. The cast was amazing… soooo many stars in one place. They did the best they could with what I felt was a pretty weak script and direction. Will I watch it again? I doubt it.

by Chris Doelle

Rating 5 of 10