I don’t really know what drew me to Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins. It may have been the stark cover image? I certainly had never heard of him.

What I discovered was a book that was at times inspirational and at times off-putting. The back-and-forth between Goggins and the narrator (Adam Skolnick) was odd at first, but I finally got used to it. They were simply repurposing their conversations about each chapter which had been originally in a podcast.

I really appreciated the moments of motivation that came from the book. I was put off however by:

  • the fact that there was no happiness to be found. It seems that each success was simply an introduction to another struggle.
  • his language is coarse throughout (he cusses a lot.) I get that he comes from a tough background and after awhile it fades into the background. Call me a prude but, I believe in the adage that says cursing is simply the first resort when you run out of words. I hope that doesn’t get me whupped by Goggins. 🙂

Those things aside, it was an interesting read. I applaud Goggins for his effort and example. I do truly believe in his 40% rule (even the top performers only tap into about 40% of their capability.) I have adopted a few of his tactics/techniques and think they will have a positive impact.

It is a good book that will likely be one of the first I think of when asked, “what can I read to teach me about understanding my mental and physical capabilities and limits?”

by Chris Doelle