My 2nd audiobook just went live on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes earlier today!

While this marks my second audiobook, it is one of the books that makes me the most proud. Electronic and physical copies of the book continue to sell well and being such a big audiobook listener, I am excited to have it in my favorite format finally.

As I have been learning the ins and out of creating audiobooks, I opted to hire a narrator for this book rather than read it myself. That in itself, was a fun process of making sure I had a narrator with the right “voice” for the book. It has been a real pleasure working with Greg Taylor. He does exceptional work.

If you know someone who loves audiobooks – even if they are not a football fan, this will be a welcome addition to their library. Thanks again to everyone who played a role in putting this together and supporting me in my efforts as an author. YOU ROCK!!

by Chris Doelle