As you no doubt can tell, I love reading. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck is a book that came to me through one of my other loves – my interview series with Texas high school football coaches: The Lone Star Gridiron Texas High School Football Coaches Show.

I can’t recall which coach it was that mentioned it (I do a new show every Monday morning) but it left enough of an impression that I jotted it down and looked it up. Mindset feels like Dweck is preaching to the choir as it goes over so many things I have believed and preached for years. She just does a better job of explaining the concepts.

I won’t spoil it other than to say success at nearly anything all boils down to having either a fixed or growth mindset. Throughout the book, Dweck gives great examples that apply in all walks of life.

I read some reviews (after finishing) and someone actually complained that they loved the book but she tried to shoehorn her theory into everything throughout the history of man. Yes, she does a bit of that (not nearly as much as that review implies) but it works. It works because it does apply.

There is plenty of research in her findings and before you write this off as “just another self-help book” understand that it is so much more. Dweck doesn’t waste time with “filler” as many in the genre do. She gets to the point, shows the examples and explains the ramifications of either mindset.

This is a good book.

by Chris Doelle