I love when people say, “Thank you for your service” to servicemen and women. That show of respect is sorely needed in society these days. I also like to say it a little different each time so it doesn’t sound like a rehearsed or throwaway line. I want the person to really know that I mean it.

I was in Buc-ees the other day and noticed a man walking up to the cash register dressed in Marine Corps fatigues. I stepped up and handed the cashier my credit card saying, “I’d like to pay for his stuff.”

I turned to the gentleman and said, “Hey man, I appreciate the sacrifice you are making to serve our country.”

“You’re worth it,” he said smiling as he shook my hand firmly. Damn! That caused my eyes to swell up and I almost burst out in tears. Talk about feeling unworthy!

If you get a chance, say it however you are moved to say it, but please thank them for all they do.