Since becoming an Alexa user, I have had my Spotify account connected. I really appreciate being able to say things like:

“Alexa, play Spotify”

– and it picks up mid-song where I left off.

“Alexa, play the album Jazz by Queen on Spotify”

– and it cranks some Fat-Bottomed Girls etc.

This is what a modern life is all about – right? Well, until is isn’t.

I recently asked Alexa to start playing Spotify. This time however, rather than starting my music, she responded with something along the lines of, “if you want to use Spotify, connect your premium account.” Wha? My account is and had been working fine.

After checking that Spotify was working fine, I went to reconnect it. The problem was that while Alexa showed Spotify as an option, the choice to connect it was grayed out. I searched the web for similar issues and came up with a few things to try – but none of them worked.

Finally, I joined the Amazon (Echo) Alexa Users group on Facebook and posed the question to them. Again, I got a few things that didn’t work, but someone finally mentioned that I should try using the Spotify web app to disconnect and reconnect.

I didn’t even know there was a web app version. After signing in, I fixed it with the suggestion. It was easy-cheezy and as I write this I am listening to Spotify through my Alexa device and smiling.

Hopefully, by writing this down, it will help some other disconnected soul down the road.

by Chris Doelle