I’ve never really had much of a problem with Apple. I like my iPhone and my iPad… heck, my iPod is still working great and loaded with songs. Never had a problem, that is, until recently.

As you may remember, phone cell phone provider AT&T just seems to keep cutting my bill and giving me more. See previous posts:

In that same vein, AT&T recently gave me a ton more streaming services for free – like a dozen networks. Everything was great. I was watching series on a whole bunch of different networks, just happy as a clam. Until Apple upset my cart.

These extra networks were all available to me using the WatchTV app provided by AT&T and it worked great on the iPhone and iPad for a few weeks. Then for no apparent reason, it stopped working on the iPad. Instead of playing, it told me to update my app. When I searched the App Store for an update, it told me I was on the newest version.

After a bit of digging I discovered that because mine is a 4th generation iPad, it was incapable up upgrading past iOS 10.3.3. AT&T, discontinued support for the app on older iOS.

So now because I have a perfectly good iPad that works wonderfully that Apple will not allow me to update the iOS, I can no longer use the AT&T WatchTV app.

My options?

  • No longer watch these services included in my AT&T plan
  • Upgrade to a newer iPad (my trade-in is worth $50 haha)

Yeah, I can drop a thousand dollars on a new iPad to replace one that works perfectly. I am not seeing that happening. That combined with the fact that somehow Apple can sell you a thousand dollar phone or table but is incapable of making a charging cord that doesn’t disintegrate in a month really has me steamed.

by Chris Doelle