I absolutely LOVED The Peanut Butter Falcon starring Shia LaBeouf, Zack Gottsagen and Dakota Johnson. Whether you are looking for a good date night flick or just want to see an uplifting story, this is the film for you.

First, I am a sucker for a good story about good people doing good things. This one has it all. Plus, it has Jake “the Snake” Roberts and one of my favorite wrestlers, Mick Foley – what’s not to love? You will spend about 10% of the time just waiting to see what is next, 30% of the time smiling and cheering along and the remaining 60% of the film laughing out loud. These are good characters. They are good people. This is a good film.

This is what Rain Man would have been if it had a heart.

I love how LaBeouf’s character dealt with Gottsagen’s Down’s Syndrome – he didn’t give a flip. It was so refreshing in our victim labeling and nanny state management of people that don’t fit society’s image of “normal.” It is not a call to organize and demand special privileges. It is a call to just treat people like you would like to be treated. No preaching. No apologizing. No demanding. Just be nice!

I have only given 10 stars to a select few films in my life. This is one. If you walk out of this film without a smile – you aren’t right. 

by Chris Doelle

Rating 10 of 10