The Amazon Prime series Goliath started off with a bang (including on very shocking scene in season one) but it has gone off the deep end over the following two. Billy Bob Thornton gives a great performance throughout but the storyline just keeps weird. (Yes, I know that show creator David E Kelley is known for quirkiness and weirdity (I made that word up) but it really wasn’t there in Season One.) 

Season two was still interesting albeit nothing like the first season. I hung in and made it through feeling less impressed than the first go ’round. Season three however has me scratching my head just two episodes in. It has turned into an art film and barely resembles the first season. It has turned into a full-on David E Kelley weirdfest.

The cast has been upgraded as stars feel the need to jump in on what has been a successful series. Dennis Quaid, Amy Brenneman and Beau Bridges joined the cast this time around and while they all do a great job – the story is just so “out there” that I really can’t tell if I will hang through to the end.

I wholeheartedly recommend Season One, and can even get onboard telling you to stick with for Season Two. I’ll let you know after I get a few more episodes in if Three pans out.

by Chris Doelle

Season One – Rating 9 of 10

Season Two – Rating 7 of 10

Season Three – Rating 5 of 10