I’ve been back on Hulu now for about a year and for nearly all that time, I have had the film Becoming Bond saved in My Stuff.  I saw it advertised way back and thought it looked interesting. I finally watched it.

George Lazenby played James Bond for one film, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” and then was promptly replaced in the series by Roger Moore. (Sean Connery came back for one more “Diamonds are Forever,” before Moore’s run.) I have never been a huge Bond fan – sure, a couple of them are decent… most are quite campy. I also have never seen Lazenby’s version (although I will be watching it now.)

This documentary is a lot of fun. Lazenby’s interesting childhood in Australia could have been a film by itself. From numerous kidney operations and his parents being told he wouldn’t live past 13 to the hijinx of young love, he is a very interesting person. His attitude is even more Bond than Bond.

The most interesting part of the film however, was his relationship with the love of his life, Belinda Fingleton. While a car salesman, he spotted her, walked up to her and said, “I am taking you out next week.” Despite her parent’s protestations, the two would travel the globe falling in and out of love as he became a male model and eventually conned his way into the role of James Bond. Their romantic sub-story in Finding Bond is the glue that holds it together and the humanity that makes a brash, egotistical, self-centered cad into a likeable person.

After watching it, I am convinced that had he not blew off the seven-picture deal he was offered (too many restrictions for him,) he would have gone down as the absolute best Bond ever. 

by Chris Doelle

Rating 8 of 10