I have to admit I am not a big NFL fan. I grew up a diehard Cowboy fan. I knew all the players – even the backups. I could count on players to stay with the team. I could count on OL Mark Tuinei (1983-1997), DB Bill Bates (1983-1997), and DE Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones (1974-1978 and 1980-1989) tied at 15 seasons each being there each and every week. I could count on hating the Redskins and Eagles.

I think it was the advent of Plan B Free Agency (1989) that started the league’s downfall. You couldn’t count on your team being even the same players from year to year. The owners and players all turned into spoiled prima donnas. They turned into liars, cheaters, thugs and abandoned the role of being a role model.

I have also been a supporter of any league to challenge the NFL. Even during the XFL‘s original run, it was goofy, it was stupid at times but I was on board. The Alliance of American Football (AAF) looked like it had a solid chance of succeeding. That was until it became clear the actual goals of the league organizers/owners. It left a very nasty taste in the mouth of fans that were desperate for an alternative to the NFL – myself included.

So why do I think this incarnation of XFL can succeed? First, Vince McMahon has more money than God. His WWE empire is estimated to be worth $5.71 BILLION. That means he can survive a long run-up to profit. Second, he understands the success or failure is 100% dependent on television. He not only has his own network but has deals already with most of the major networks out there to promote his wrestling products. Third, cross-promotion will be the name of this game. Look for wrestlers to make team appearances, look for XFL promos to be run on RAW, Smackdown, NXT, 206 Live and the dozen other shows he has – not to mention the deals he has already landed with ABC, FOX and ESPN. Last, but certainly not least, the XFL has invested in football people. From his commissioner, coaches and more – there is a ton of football experience in the front offices and important hot seats of the league.

What do you think? I am on board for sure. I haven’t decided on a team to be my team, but the inside track has to be for it to be one of the two Texas teams. (Dallas Renegades and Houston Roughnecks)

Eight Inaugural Team Logos

Of the non-Texas team logos, I like the St. Louis BattleHawks best with New York Guardians next.

by Chris Doelle