I recently found the 2001 series Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West on Hulu – thanks to the warning that it will be expiring soon. The idea is that two couples agree to spend a year living as 1870’s pioneers in Manitoba, Canada. They agree to build, plant, farm, forage and hunt for everything they need – all while using period equipment.

I binged it over the course of a few day (it will be gone on Wednesday, January 1st so if you have some binge time available, now is the time.

I have to say that it was better than most “reality” shows in that when they were forced to use modern things (like a hospital) they were quick to explain it and attempt to get things back on track.

I think what I mainly liked about the series was how it showed that happiness is not a matter of “stuff.” It also did a very good job of explaining just how tough the pioneers had it. If this doesn’t make you appreciate our founding families – the folks that built America out of a rough and rugged wilderness, you are just clueless.

The other show I have been watching recently is The Boonies – a look at modern folks living off the grid. Hmm… could be a trend. Maybe I’ll go off the grid? Back to a simpler time? Well, if I can keep my internet – maybe. haha

by Chris Doelle