I started reading the book Book Review: The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of September 11, 2001 by Garrett M. Graff simply because it was available as a download on my library app. I really was not expecting much more than a retelling from someone “close” to the event(s.) What I got was much more.

This “oral history” is just that… a collection of many, many folks prior, during and after that dramatic day. The bulk of the stories are told in retrospect by survivors – people in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the Presidency, airlines, nearby witnesses – you name it. The shocking stuff though is transcripts and actual voice recordings of those who did not make it – those who died in those terrorist acts.

Those are sprinkled throughout the book and just as you are losing interest of hearing the same old stuff, one of those clips shocks your system into realizing those voices were minute or seconds away from death. This takes you right back to that morning and brings back all those feelings.

The saying used over and over is “never forget” and this book is a dramatic reminder. Whether you witnessed it in person, “live” on TV or weren’t born yet, Graff’s book is an excellent reminder.

by Chris Doelle