In an era where sequels usually suck in a major way, Terminator: Dark Fate is the exception. From the opening credits this film is nonstop adrenaline fun.

Mackenzie Davis (white tank top) plays a human/terminator hybrid (Grace) sent to protect Dani Ramos (played by Natalia Reyes.) I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing her in Halt and Catch Fire.

Unlike most sequels and even most films these days in general, this one doesn’t spend the whole time preaching to the audience. The fact that it sent a strong “girl power” message without standing on a soapbox made the message so much more powerful. It is simply a strong story with good acting, excellent direction (Tim Miller) and lots of excitement.

I did like the fact that much of their mission took place in Texas. That was a nice treat. I find it funny when a movie sets a scene in Texas and it is clearly not shot there. One scene (supposedly Laredo) featured what looked like a forest in Bavaria. Apparently this Laredo is much more tropical than the one I remember. That and the fictional city of Bingham 94 miles from Arnold’s house.

Sure, there are some parts of the story that are a bit goofy – Arnold being funny is chief among them. His line after showing off his arsenal, “This is Texas!,” was pretty good though.

And yes, the speed at which a helicopter and C-5 cargo plane go from starting the engine to airborne is incredibly convenient. But, at some point, the suspension of reality has to figure in. Overall, I have to say it is the first good Terminator film in quite some time.

by Chris Doelle

Rating 8 of 10