I rented the movie JoJo Rabbit from Redbox just because I got a free movie rental and thought, “Let’s see what this one is about.” I figured it looked quirky like a Wes Anderson film (which I’ve liked about half and hated the others.) And hey, it was free… what could go wrong?

I could be dramatic and say that it wasted an hour and 48 minutes of my life… but I wouldn’t say it was a total waste. I didn’t dislike the film that much. There were a few scenes that were genuinely funny. (The grenade scene and just about any with Archie Yates – JoJo’s chunky friend.) I have to admit that I have yet to see Sam Rockwell in a role that he doesn’t pull off expertly.

Most of the humor falls short of even a smile. The best parts are the subtle scenes, but they are overshadowed by the more tacky, exaggerated scenes. Hidden behind the “camp” of the script however is a heartwarming story. It just felt as though Taika Waititi tried too hard – in both the screenplay and the over-the-top role of Hitler.  This was a shame as I am a fan of his and must admit that as Director he did a fine job. 

by Chris Doelle

Rating 5 of 10