Okay, you will remember that I opted to start a running regime. Now I have completed my first full month of running and learned a few important things:

  • My Vibram 5 Finger shoes are the best for me (no foot pain and faster speeds)
  • I ran a total of 48.88 miles in January
  • I completed three 5K runs in that time with each one being faster than the last (my last two are in the photos)
  • My time between my first 5K and the most recent was 7 minutes, 20 secs faster
  • Prior to today, I have only skipped running one day

I developed a mid-grade fever last night so decided to take today (and maybe tomorrow) off. My body is achey, cough is painful and ribs feel like they are broken when I cough… just generally miserable.

That said, I felt like I might be able to run today but after a quick test jog, I started coughing and decided a day or two rest would be a good thing.

I am scheduled to run in another 5K Saturday the 15th but as that is 10 days away, I feel confident I will not only have this thing whupped but should be back to running at a good pace.

by Chris Doelle