I watched the Netflix series 100 Humans which purports to answer life’s questions. Questions answered (reportedly) in season 1 are things like:

  • The correct way to put toilet paper on the roll
  • The correct direction to wipe with said paper
  • Best sex (male or female)
  • Do better dancers have higher sperm count?
  • The best age group (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s)
  • Does having to pee make you concentrate better?
  • How common are heroes?

While this is great fun and the show is entertaining, I was very disappointed with the so-called science of the show. They even go so far as to enlist the commentary of “experts” to help explain the results. It is pretty much just junk science even if famous (agenda driven) authors or professors are hired to make things look more legitimate.

My caution would be to NOT take anything determined in this show as scientific. In fact, the “scientist” hosts of the show are actors, comedians and podcasters – not academics. The results are about as real as reality tv – not at all. Enjoy it, but don’t repeat the results as if it is truth. I heard it was cancelled and will not return for a second season.

by Chris Doelle