After one of my recent reviews someone posted asking if I had seen 21 Bridges. That was the second time the film was mentioned as one I should check out. It was enough to make me give it a try.

Having never seen a preview and hearing only a vague description from my nephew I was expecting something along the lines of the Bruce Willis film, 16 Blocks. I really liked that one but 21 Bridges is a much different film.

Chadwick Bozeman (Black Panther) plays a detective who has just four hours to find a duo of cocaine thieves that killed 7 police officers in an interrupted heist. He did an exceptional job and showed that he doesn’t need CGI to carry a lead role. It was good to see Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) even if he did play one of the bad guys. J.K. Simmons shows again that he may be the best character actors of the generation.

As action films go, this one is solid. The tension starts high and stays that way throughout. The story is a bit simplistic. The big ‘reveal’ was evident from the very beginning as there were too many obvious clues.

None of that really mattered however as the action, acting and pacing kept it interesting. It was refreshing to see a good action film without an axe to grind or political agenda to push.

by Chris Doelle

Rating 9 of 10