Okay, you will remember that I opted to start a running regimen. As of the end of February, I have been running now for just over two month. Here is the info from February:

  • I ran for less miles in February than in January – there were three contributing factors
    • It was a shorter month
    • I had the flu for about a week and a half
    • I started cycling in preparation for my 22-mile off-road race on the 29th – in that race, I finished 1st in my age division (even with a one mile detour when I missed a sign)
  • I ran a total of 36.76 miles (12.12 miles less than January)
  • I set OMPRs in 5K, 2 mile (twice) and 1 mile distances
  • My fastest for 1 and 2 miles came on a run I did with my friend Michael Wright when in Houston for a conference.
  • I cut 8 seconds off my 1 mile time in February
  • I cut 3:35 off my 2 mile time in February
  • I cut 30 seconds off my 5K time in February but my best time was the first of 3 I did that month

In addition to the 22-mile off-road bike race, I signed up for an obstacle course race (OCR) in March. Maybe this is my version of a mid-life crisis? haha It will be my first official OCR – I did one a couple years ago with my church but it was a few hundred yards and just a few obstacles. This one is put on by Tough Monkey and is a full 5K (3.1 miles) with tons of obstacles. Mike will be doing it with me and if you will be in the Houston area (Conroe) on March 21st, sign up to be a part of our team.

Just like the OCR, the mountain bike race too was the first ever for me. I have done many, many road races and done a ton of riding off-road (hybrid and mountain biking) but never did an off-road race before.

by Chris Doelle