The release of the motion picture Extraction by Netflix direct to their streaming service was interesting on many levels. First, it featured a blue chip certifiable major motion picture star in Chris Hemsworth. We are not talking about a former star trying to extend his career. We are not talking about non-bankable star. We are talking about the Freakin’ God of Thunder! Films with him has grossed over $1.4 BILLION!

Yes, movie theaters are mothballed right now in most the of the country and even those that are opening will be limited seating. But, I think this is a shift that was happening already and COVID-19 just sped that up. I think it was the right thing to do at the right time for Netflix. It was a move that was happening little-by-little anyway. Although I am not a big fan of most the Netflix content, this was a bold move at a great time.

Now, the film Extraction. It was a good story (nothing terribly original but well told.) The action, the script, the acting, the visuals – were all solid. Yes, a couple of the explosions looked a little fake and yes, Hemsworth looked a bit off at times trying to look like a grizzled military veteran.

When he was shown without grime or blood on his face, there was just not enough “life” wear and tear on his skin to have experienced the campaigns of his character but, for the most part he sold it. Once the bullets starting flying, this was easy to overlook.

His costar, Rudhraksh Jaiswal (Ovi,) did an exceptional job. I never doubted his character for a second. Look for him to show up other films soon.

The action of Extraction was entertaining. The pacing was great. Yes my TV is huge but it works as well on a 72″ screen as it would have in a movie theater. Look for many more major films to skip the public showings with the direct to streaming option becoming more and more the norm.

by Chris Doelle

Rating 7 of 10