It has been a very odd past few months so I really haven’t had time for any reading. In truth, this book review is about a book I read before all the insanity started. A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America by Bruce Cannon Gibney is a sweeping generalization written by an extremely wealthy investment banker/capitalist that wants to blame Baby Boomers for the excesses of his cohort. If anything this is a simple slam piece on traditional values and when that happens, look at who is set to gain – him and his like slam the Boomers and espouse a much more liberal mindset – but do nothing personally to ‘share in their fortune.’

This book disguises itself as a scholarly look at who caused the ‘wrongs’ of the United States. There is nothing scholarly about the book. He also clearly either misunderstands sociopathy or simply uses it as hyperbole to sell books. Either way, he is again the thing he accuses the Boomers of being – narcissistic, self-centered, and dishonest.

The Boomers as a generation did not cause all the ills of our country. It is the hacks that look for someone to blame rather than a solution. Even when a solution is staring them in the face, blame is easier than action. If you read this book for free (library) you paid too much for this drivel.

by Chris Doelle