While looking for something entertaining the other other night, we happened across Upload on Amazon Prime thinking it looked like it had potential. After binge-watching 6 episodes, here is my take:

It’s….. okay. The story is just interesting enough to keep you watching but don’t get me wrong… this is not great television. It is cute. It is fun at times. It is annoying at others.

The story is about a man that gets “uploaded” to a virtual reality when he dies with the understanding it is the futuristic version of Heaven. It is replete with repetitive sight gags that remind you are in the future. There is a backup story about murder, intrigue and big business but most of the show is really about glitches in the programming etc. and the uploaded man’s relationships with still-living people.

It paints a pretty dismal picture of the future and while it doesn’t come out as anti-religion, it just carries on with the understanding that anything remotely related to our current understanding of good/evil/Heaven/Hell etc. is antiquated superstition.

We will keep watching despite the weaknesses in the script – poor acting in supporting roles – simplistic story – weak humor and other shortcomings. But, this is not one that will be rewatched or even remembered once something better comes along. All of the stars in the rating are for the premise and the acting of the two leads. (Robbie Amell and Andy Allo)

by Chris Doelle

Rating 6 of 10