I grabbed the book Based on a True Story the, sort of, autobiography of Norm Macdonald because I like his humor. It was described as wild, dangerous and flat-out unbelievable. That is a total understatement.

Much like his jokes… the book is filled with exaggeration and snarky off-beat humor. If you know his joke about a moth walking into a podiatrists office, then you have an idea of what this book is like. It is full of unrelated, distracting and crazy sidebars about things that are mostly unbelievable.

There were moments when I wished that he would stop “performing” and get to telling his actual story. But, just as I was losing interest in one of his tangents, it would take a turn and catch my attention. If you are looking for a traditional autobiography, this is not your book. If you like his offbeat and intelligent humor, you may have found a gem here.

by Chris Doelle