As our country becomes increasingly polarized politically, we build for ourselves information silos. In these, we hear (and believe) only one side of an argument. How do you know the argument being made by the “other side?” How can you be sure you are not being sold a bill of goods by “your side?”

How many of you take the time to listen to newscasts from sites with differing bias? I find it quite painful to do as it raises my blood pressure, but feel it is an important part of being informed and developing my opinions. Who knows? Maybe I am fooling myself. haha

I am not claiming that listening to CNN and FOX News with give you a balanced understanding of any issue. To the contrary, you will see that often they can be headlining the same subject but telling the stories that have nothing in common. THAT is the media bias. THAT is how you can get caught into a trap of believing one position 100% even though both “sides” are simply slanting things in favor of their argument.

Yes, it is a lot of work to stay informed. Yes, media bias, just like the people they label heroes/criminals is not so cut and dry. Like most things in the world, it is in truth, likely a shade of gray rather than black or white. Socrates said it well in his book The Republic:

“Whither the argument may blow, thither we go.”

— Socrates

I am not saying we are all dumb sheep that believe anything the idiot box tells us. And I am not saying that you are wrong for listening only to your favorite news source. I am instead saying that there is something to be gained from hearing opposing viewpoints. Once completely informed, be as vehement and impassioned as you can about your conclusions.

by Chris Doelle