I interviewed the author of Longhorns and Tall Tales: Winning during the Royal era took grit and determination. It also took a good sense of humor, Duke Carlisle for the Texas Longhorn Support Network Show. As part of my research prior to what was a really good interview, I read this book.

My interview with Duke Carlisle

Longhorns and Tall Tales is a very easy book to read. It is written in snippets akin to a conversation. If you can imagine sitting on the front porch and reminiscing with Duke Carlisle about his days at the University of Texas, that is exactly how this book is written. It is a collection of entertaining anecdotes that range from his dealings with Coach Daryl Royal to key moments in games that are the stuff of Longhorn legend.

If you like football, especially if you like the Longhorns, you will love this book. But, you don’t have to like either to enjoy L&TT.

by Chris Doelle