I came across the book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo in my feed at Goodreads. I had some discussions with “woke” white people about systemic racism and white privilege recently and decided that I needed to read what they have been reading. I can see why some folks can get sucked into this inverted view of reality. DiAngelo sprinkled in some thought-provoking and interesting ideas – none of them her own, but interesting nonetheless.

It did not take me long to realize that Robin DiAngelo is at best a nutjob – at worst an outright charlatan. The “Racial Justice Consultant” sets out to make a series of claims that prove no matter whether you believe yourself unbiased, you are, in fact, a racist. If you vote to protect our borders from illegals (regardless of their color) you are a racist. If you would prefer to live in a safe neighborhood you are a racist. If you believe in judging a person by the “content of their character” and not the “color of their skin” you are a racist – sorry Dr. Martin Luther King… you are a racist. The mother of all proof that you are a racist however, is if you disagree with her premise that you are racist, you are the most racist. Her logic astounds me (or lack thereof.)

Built on the false premise that if you are white you are racists, White Privilege continues to share this blatantly racist philosophy throughout. I say throughout, but this book is really more of a pamphlet. It is not long and repeats itself throughout. There is nothing scholarly about it – instead, it reads like a handout from one of her seminars.

In those, filled with an audience of apologetic whites, DiAngelo proves her point through a set of binary arguments. If you have a black friend, you are racist. If you have children of color you are racist. If you work with people of color you are racist. If you are nice to black people you are condescending. She even adds that if you are a white person treated poorly by people of color, it is prejudice, not racism. I’m sorry but when someone screams “death to the white cracker devil” it feels like racism to me.

At the core of these ridiculous statements is that that our actions and beliefs do not matter. We can think we are not racist but it doesn’t change the fact that we are racist. We can do or say nothing racist but we are still racist. It sounds like bullshit to me. If I ever disagree with a black person, ever fail to admit my racism, or even acknowledge that I am white, I am racist. What?

She even excuses herself for being racist by saying that “only in saying we are all racists do we prove we are not racist.” This circular stupidity disguised as logic is at the heart of the book and somehow cons readers (not all) and attendees to her seminars into just throwing up their hands and admitting their racism. “Since I can’t understand her illogical arguments and she is a PhD., she must be right.” Poppycock!

DiAngelo’s solution to our unchanging racism is to learn more. She implies that lectures like hers are the solution. Pretty convenient when she gets paid $30,000 – $40,000 to put on one of her medicine shows. She is paid by creating and fomenting white guilt. Follow the dollars.

This grifter has made over $2 million on the book and is getting untold wealth selling lawsuit protection to Fortune 500 companies through the seminars. These companies can prove they have trained their employees on racial sensitivity and systemic racism and become lawsuit-proof when faced with a suit alleging racism. Its a hell of a scam. Much like Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton who have become wealthy by stoking racism fears, DiAngelo too is hurting the exact people she pretends to be protecting.

If you do not care about an argument being logical or making sense, feel guilty about being white, want to virtue-signal by showing this book in your reading list and don’t need reality in your “I’m woke” world, this is your book. Pure garbage.

by Chris Doelle