Braven is a movie that Netflix was pimping pretty hard when it came out in 2018. Starring Jason Mamoa, it is was a total throwback to an 80s action flick. By that I mean it has a ton of over-the-top scenarios and they are all set up by the characters doing the exact opposite of what makes sense.

Does that mean I hate the film? Not at all. While I can’t say it’s one I would ever watch again or even recommend to someone, it wasn’t horrible.

I take that back. I would recommend it if you want a film that takes no brains, has some decent action and gorgeous scenery. It’s the kind of film that if you entered a room where it was playing, you’d find yourself entertained – not enthralled, inspired, informed or even moved – just entertained for a bit.

by Chris Doelle

Rating 5 of 10