At first glance, he looks like any other “look at me” face-tattooed rapper. That is, until you listen to the lyrics. Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper that has found a niche in shouting out against the system. Whether he is rapping about what’s wrong with all the other rappers, the Illuminati, Big Pharma, defending being a straight while male or simply calling out the hypocrisy of the “woke,” he seems to have found his place.

I first heard him while watching a Tik-Tok video that had his track White Trash in the background. I was intrigued so did some searching on Spotify and discovered a library of songs calling out He has a whole host of great songs like I Hate Hip-Hop and many more.

When I wrote in the title that he was the love-child of Eminem and Macklemore, it fits really well. His rap style is a direct takeoff from Marshall Mathers (Eminem) – a fact, he calls out himself. The Macklemore things is just more my take because he takes things a bit beyond the early 2000 Eminem sound and is a bit more musical ala Macklemore. Regardless of his influences, I enjoy his lyrics because (like Eminem) they are funny while making legitimate points… at least the early Eminem.

Yes, there is some unnecessary cursing but it’s nothing compared to other rappers and it seems he is cleaning up his act more as he goes along His song Buttholes is a good example as he calls out the haters in a PG manner saying:

We’re so angry, hating everyone we don’t know
We can’t even take a joke, we should really let it go
And be happy, stop talking shit on our phones
And blocking everyone we know, we’ve been being buttholes

Buttholes – Tom MacDonald

He certainly could have said that a lot more crudely.

If your are up for something unique… give him a listen: