Despite the fact that I’m a big fan of Jason Sudeikis, I wasn’t really interested in Ted Lasso upon seeing the previews.  That was until my daughter told my wife that we would like it.  Although I can’t really stand soccer, I went into the first episode a skeptic and halfway through I found myself noting the things I disliked his Southern accent seemed over the top – actually it was the only thing I could find to complain about.

A couple of episodes in I was hooked. This series has three things I love. 1- Jason Sudeikis 2- a realistic take on the role a coach plays with those around him and most importantly, 3- a GOOD GUY as a main character. Lasso is such a good role for Sudeikis. He is such a good and wholesome character. In a time when good people are impossible to find in any shows, Lasso is a refreshing change. We just finished with the first season and are pleased as punch to discover they have already ordered three seasons. If you’re tired of garbage TV, watch and share Ted Lasso. It’s the only way to get more good shows on the air.

by Chris Doelle

Rating 8 of 10