Rumble was touted as an answer to YouTube for those people who were de-monetized or de-platformed there. I have been playing around on there unsure if it is going to stick.

Rumble is like YouTube’s cool cousin for folks who got kicked out of the YouTube party. Why? Well, it’s because Rumble plays by slightly different rules:

  1. Looser Content Rules: Rumble isn’t as strict as YouTube when it comes to what you can post. If you got slapped with strikes or demonetized on YouTube, Rumble might let you get away with more.
  2. Cha-Ching: Just like YouTube, Rumble lets you earn some dough from your videos. They’ve got the Rumble Partner Program, which can line your pockets with ad money. Being that the user base is still miniscule compared to YouTube that means that if it grows, those who grab attention now will be the big winners.
  3. Licensing: Rumble has a cool video licensing feature. If you’ve got hotshot content, they can help you license it to news outlets and stuff, bringing in even more cash.
  4. Speak Your Mind: Rumble seems to be more open to certain types of content that YouTube gives the stink eye. So, if you’ve got some strong opinions or controversial topics, Rumble could be your place.

It seems to be doing well and growing so I started posting a few things. I am pretty much posting the same things I do everywhere else… nothing controversial. Here is my latest video – it is audio from my podcast The Marketing Drive and I really like that Rumble provides you with a ‘monetized’ embed code.

Let me know your experience with Rumble.